Small pieces

A collection of small mixed media compositional studies that I have produced, primarily in 2013, but with a few older pieces.

4 thoughts on “Small pieces”

  1. I live in and manage ArtSpace buildings in US. “Affordable” housing for artists. We are clinging to the remains of an older arts neighborhood based on squats and illegal live-ins. 300+ artists in a square mile or less. I rarely see anything even close to your work in painting, nevmind everything else you do. (Your choice of doctoral thesis topic won me all by itself 🙂 )
    P.S. I’ll be 75 next month, so no stalking her. Just sincere admiration.
    Cheers Mata

    1. Oh noz. Meant “no stalking HERE”. Ha. Or her either.

      Thank you for viewing my halfbaked website. Someday I will finish it.

      As to living up to your art – I am becoming convinced that daily practice of some sort is the keystone to all art. If you are an artist, you will progress, if you are not, you will not.
      You are already progressing so no worries. Just keep doing.

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